About me

My name is Karen.

I have been working with clay in some capacity for about 15 years, though it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve been lucky enough to give more time and attention to this craft that I love. My professional background is in graphic design, which manifests itself in my pottery as a clean, simple, precision and an attention to form. I love to make and hold beautiful objects, and I find comfort in being surrounded by lovely handmade pots. I can still remember the joy I felt upon drinking tea out of the first mug I ever made. It is a thrill I still feel when something beautiful that I have created emerges from the kiln. I hope to share these beautiful moments with all of you.

The name, “Clay, s’il Vous Plait” basically translates to “Clay, Please!” and is a playful tribute to my previous blog, “Trees, if you Please” which was all about my love of trees. (Maybe I’ll pick it back up one of these days! I am still dazzled by how amazing trees can be!). Also, I love French culture.

Would you like to buy one of my pieces? My current inventory is available in my Etsy shop, and I will update the shop as new work becomes available.