Begin at the beginning.

Karen Papais | Clay, S'il Vous Plaît

Karen Papais | Clay, S'il Vous Plaît

I have been talking about selling my work for years. Now, it is time. I’m diving in, and it’s not perfect and I’m not ready, but I have to be ready, or I will never be ready. So here goes! I’m sharing my pottery with the world, in hopes of bringing a bit of beauty into the lives of others. I’m afraid to let go of some of these pieces, and I’m excited to create many more that will enrich your life and make you smile. I am starting here:


One thought on “Begin at the beginning.

  1. Tres Bien! Lovely, exquisite, delicate, fragile, and so you! Your handiwork is a lovely expression of who you are, also formed with artistic hands! How’s the water, so far?
    Love, Dad


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